The Smartest Usage of Your Smartphone Camera


20120119-112250.jpgIf you own a smartphone, then you have no excuse for forgetting where you parked your car, whether it’s in a huge parking garage or on an unfamiliar street. Why? Because you should use your phone to snap a photo of your parking spot and surrounding environs. I do this all the time because I can be absent-minded. I have spent way too much time wandering around in a panic because I couldn’t remember where I parked.


Ladies, I hope you’re heeding my words because, let’s face it, it’s much more dangerous for us to be wandering around in dark parking garages and unfamiliar neighborhoods — especially at night. So do yourself and me a favor by keeping yourself safe and organized with this simple but smart method of using your smartphone camera to capture your coordinates.

2 responses to “The Smartest Usage of Your Smartphone Camera

  1. rosaurora nguyen

    I will share this with your brother. He has no sense of direction!!!!!!!! ;)

    Like this

  2. It’s in the genes. I have no sense of direction either. ;)

    Like this

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