How To Create a Safari Homepage [Sort Of] on Apple iOS Devices

A reader of The Baochi Banter requested advice on creating a Safari homepage for the iPhone, so here I am to help!

The dealio is that you can’t create a homepage through Safari on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. But there is a workaround that I believe works just as well: create an icon that resides on your device’s home screen, allowing you one-touch access to your go-to website. So for example, if I want The Baochi Banter to be my “homepage,” I can create an icon that allows me direct access to the blog with just one tap. Note: if you simply want to create a “homepage” that goes to Google, download the free Google app.

Here’s how you create a home screen icon for your go-to website on Safari:

1. Open Safari from your device
2. Enter the url of your desired “homepage”
3. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the right pointing arrow

4. Select Add to Home Screen

5. Key in a short name for your “homepage”

6. Your “homepage” icon will appear on your home screen

Do you have another gadget question? Send it my way, and I’ll do my  best to help because I love this geeky stuff!

What say you?

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