Joe Paterno Died of a Broken/Guilty Heart

Former Penn State football Coach, Joe Paterno, died last Sunday, January 22, 2012. He had been undergoing treatment for lung cancer. But I think he died of a broken heart over the Sandusky sex abuse scandal. The fired coach had said he wished he had done more than just notify two university officials about a witness account of Sandusky raping a little boy in the shower at Penn State facilities.

By all accounts, Joe Paterno was a kind man, in addition to being an amazing football coach. But with the Sandusky sex abuse scandal exposed in its monstrous glory, Paterno probably realized the extent of his moral missteps and couldn’t bear the pain and guilt. Do I think Paterno could have done more to protect those boys? Yes. Do I have sympathy for Paterno? Yes. May he rest in peace.

Joe Paterno Dies at 85” via Wall Street Journal
Paterno’s Death Prompts Debate Over Legacy” via Wall Street Journal

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