A Lovely Weekend Stay at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA [Photos]

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I recently experienced a lovely weekend stay at the Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. I procured the room through a great deal with Jetsetter.  I wanted a room with a private patio and a view of the water, and I got that and more at Portofino. Have a look through the slideshow above for some nice visuals of the property.

My favorite things about Portofino:

  • Location: the hotel is located in the harbor overlooking the Portofino marina, so it feels like you’re on a separate little island from the rest of Redondo Beach.
  • View:  I love the sight of all the parked boats, as well as the views of the water throughout the hotel. It was calming to watch the boats float by from the private patio in my room.
  • Lobby: I watched the sunset in the lobby at one of the bay windows adorned with tall French windows. It’s a beautiful room, and you can order drinks and food.
  • Service: the staff is friendly and helpful. I made arrangements with the concierge for airport transportation, ordered room service, and called the front desk several times with questions — all my needs and inquires were met in a timely manner.
  • Room: I booked a room with a view of the water and highly recommend it. The room was spacious and included a nook area with a desk, as well as a huge jacuzzi bathtub that fits two adults. I poured myself a bubble bath and indulged. Also, the bed was sooo comfortable. The only caveat is the private patios/balconies aren’t that private — you’ll hear and maybe even see your neighbors if they’re outside.
  • Food: the hotel restaurant, Baleen, serves great food and drinks. The lounge area has a big fireplace and small tables — it’s a cozy place for romantic talk or just plain fun with friends.

Thumbs up for the Portofino. What a grand time.

4 responses to “A Lovely Weekend Stay at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA [Photos]

  1. WOW, what beautiful photos. I had no idea you got the deal from Jetsetter, tres cool! thanks for inviting me for a visit. I too thoroughly enjoyed the cozy fireplace at Baleen and the views!

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  2. Woot, it’s nice to have wandered in your blog. Saw you curate CM topic on ScoopIt so I thought of checking your blog out and bam, looks like you had fun :) I like to take short vacations from time to time. May I know what did you use for the photo slideshow?

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