The Mutual Admiration Between Baochi and Motive, a Hybrid Agency

I’ve been a technology marketer for fifteen years now, and I am lucky that I enjoy my work. I get tingles down my spine geeking out over tech. But my most fulfilling and memorable professional experiences have been with people — more specifically, darn smart people. Today, I’m honoring the smart people at Motive.

Motive, self-tagged as “A Hybrid Agency,” provides creative services. I worked with Motive while at my previous job and was consistently impressed. That team is good. They produce impeccable, artistic, and well-conceived results. They are brilliant, fun, and funny people. And over the last five years of professional collaboration, they have also become my friends. So upon hearing about my move to northern California, my Motive friends surprised me with the above video as a good-bye gift. The short film is about me and is played hauntingly well by Joel Huerta and Kelsey Martin. Thank you Joel, Kelsey, and Taylor. I’m touched and tickled. Also, I’m not sure I deserve a goodbye gift because it looks like we’ll be working together again very soon. So hello! :) (How about a housewarming video?)

What say you?

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