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Quote of the Day: Sting on the Tragedy of Love And Personal Faith

Joe Paterno Died of a Broken/Guilty Heart

Former Penn State football Coach, Joe Paterno, died last Sunday, January 22, 2012. He had been undergoing treatment for lung cancer. But I think he died of a broken heart over the Sandusky sex abuse scandal. The fired coach had said he wished he had done more than just notify two university officials about a witness account of Sandusky raping a little boy in the shower at Penn State facilities.

By all accounts, Joe Paterno was a kind man, in addition to being an amazing football coach. But with the Sandusky sex abuse scandal exposed in its monstrous glory, Paterno probably realized the extent of his moral missteps and couldn’t bear the pain and guilt. Do I think Paterno could have done more to protect those boys? Yes. Do I have sympathy for Paterno? Yes. May he rest in peace.

Joe Paterno Dies at 85” via Wall Street Journal
Paterno’s Death Prompts Debate Over Legacy” via Wall Street Journal

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Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” [Video]

Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” is a song about “Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin, who overdosed on heroin and died in 1996.” It’s a sad but beautiful song made lovelier by Sarah  McLachlan’s voice. To be morbid, this is a nice funeral song. In fact, I bet “Angel” is played at many funerals or memorial services.

“Angel,” written and performed by Sarah McLachlan and Matteo Saggese

Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There’s always some reason
To feel not good enough
And it’s hard at the end of the day Continue reading

Sandusky Victims: Summary of Allegations From Grand Jury Testimony Report

File this post under “Morbid News.” If Jerry Sandusky is found guilty by a jury of unbiased Americans, then the eight victims in the grand jury report, as well as any other victims, suffered the premature death of their innocence and childhood. In addition, according to research and statistics, sex abuse victims are more likely to suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicide. I hope and pray that Sandusky’s alleged victims encounter a world that is patient, understanding, and optimistic towards them.

Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at Penn State, currently faces 40 criminal counts for allegedly sexually abusing eight boys over a fifteen-year period. Sandusky, 67, maintains his innocence. Since the release of the grand jury report on November 4, 2011, several more victims of alleged abuse  have stepped forward. Details of these new allegations are still trickling out.

For now, the grand jury outlines the allegations of eight victims. Below is a summary of their respective testimonies. Continue reading

Man Found Guilty Of Murder In Connecticut Home Invasion Case | Fox News

Photo Courtesy of New York Times

I have been following the Petit murder story since the crime was first reported. This gruesome tragedy reminds me of the criminals and victims depicted in Truman Capote’s nonfiction book, In Cold Blood: Two murderers who hail from underprivileged and abusive upbringings. An upstanding American family brutally slain. Capote managed to summon some sympathy from me towards the killers in In Cold Blood. But I can’t say I feel any sympathy for the now convicted killers of the Petit family.

Here’s what happened: 

On July 23, 2007, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes broke into the Petit family home in Cheshire, Connecticut. The defendants claim they simply wanted to rob the family…only they did so much more. All four family members — father, mother, an 11 year-old daughter, and a 17 year-old daughter — were tied up. The father, Dr. William Petit, was beaten severely. The mother was raped and killed by Hayes. The daughters were molested and killed by Komisarjevsky. Dr. Petit managed to crawl away to summon help. The rest of the family members were doused with gas and burned. It’s unclear whether they died before or during the fire.

Both Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes were found guilty by jury in two separate trials in which they blamed each other for masterminding the murders. Hayes has been sentenced to death; Komisarjevsky will likely also get the death sentence on October 24th, at the penalty phase of his hearing.

Do you believe these men should be punished by death?

Shooting At Seal Beach: Eight Confirmed Dead, One Critically Wounded

This is a terrible story. An ex-husband walked into a beauty salon yesterday in Seal Beach, CA. He wore a bullet-proof vest and was fully armed. He shot and killed eight people, including his ex-wife, with whom he was in a bitter custody battle.

Imagine what it would have been like to be a customer getting your hair done in that salon when this happened. As many women and some men well know, a visit to the salon is a relaxing, indulgent experience. Many people are on very friendly terms with their hair dresser. Mine is almost like a therapist to me.

I was listening to this story on the radio yesterday. A few folks who knew the victims were interviewed. Apparently, the gunman Scott Dekraai is manic depressive and abusive. But according to this Huffington Post article, the gunman was a nice guy:

Dekraai’s neighbors described him as an outgoing man who invited them over for pool parties at the house he’d lived in for about six years. They said he doted on his son, playing catch with the boy in his yard.

Neighbors said they were aware Dekraai was in a custody battle with his ex-wife over their son, who neighbors said is 7 or 8 years old.

“It was a very difficult battle and he was trying to get more time” with his son, said Jo Cornhall, who lives across the street from Dekraai.

Next-door neighbor Stephanie Malchow, 29, said she was shocked when she saw the photo of the stocky man with thinning hair being detained by Seal Beach police.


10 Coolest Death Scenes in Science Fiction History

Very entertaining death scenes from science fiction movies and books, accompanied by video clips. Brought to you from the geniuses at Gawker


1000 Moronic Ways to Die

I just discovered Spike TV’s “1000 Ways to Die,”a television series showing reenactments of strange but true deaths. Initially, I assumed the show would be similar to “Faces of Death,” a film that depicts explicit and violent deaths (the type of thing I liked as a teenager but these days…not so much). But “1000 Ways to Die” is not nearly as serious; in fact, it’s comedic.

Every episode of “1000 Ways to Die” includes the following ingredients:

  • An unusual death based on a true event
  • An evil and/or asinine victim who is positioned to “deserve” the death”
  • A hot and scantily-clad actress as part of the reenactment cast
  • A professional, e.g., scientist, psychotherapist, doctor, who explains the science behind the cause of death.

Wikipedia best describes “1000 Ways to Die” as a “tongue-in-cheek approach to death through its presentation of stories derived from myths and science….A narration provides background information within each death-story, which all end with titles that are puns on popular figures of speech.”

The result is an entertaining show that elicits laughter as often as grimaces from the audience.

Here are a few featured deaths that tickled my funny-bone and/or horrified me:

1. Death by lethal fart: guy prepares for fart championship with a practice emission  filled with so much methane that it blows up the fart coach.

2. Raped raccoon bites back: guy’s private parts bitten off by the raccoon he rapes.

3. Watch your own funeral: Haitian man is paralyzed by toxic dust blown on him by a witch doctor and witnesses his own funeral and burial while still alive.

4. Man gets off and dies on radiation: A patient on the radiation table dies watching his doctor have sex with a female assistant as her backside repeatedly bumps against the button for increased radiation emissions.

5. Sex isn’t for everybody: Japanese couple finally overcomes extreme shyness after several years of marriage and has sex..only to suffer heart attacks from the elevated excitement.

6. Don’t shove objects in areas they don’t belong: Guy admitted to the hospital yet again for injuries caused by foreign objects inserted into his rectum. He died as a result of shoving nine glass thermometers up his anus while at the hospital. The thermometers broke inside of him, resulting in mercury poisoning and injuries to the large intestine.

7. Pepper spray really does work: Parolee shoves illegal can of pepper spray up his butt to hide it from approaching cop. But the cop pushes parolee against the car,  igniting pepper spray into parolee’s colon and killing him.

8. Bumby fetish is a heavy danger: Salesman with a fetish for extremely fat women suffocates to death when one of his lovers passes out on top of him from a big orgasm.

9. Boob jobs don’t mix with flying: Girl dies after breast implants explodes from high-altitude air pressure on a plane.

10. Cue balls are bigger: Guy showcases his usual trick of swallowing and moving pool balls up and down his throat. But he apparently didn’t realize that cue balls are a bit bigger than the rest when he suffocates on one during a standard performance.


22 Year-Old Man Fatally Stabs 50-Year Boy Scouts Veteran via @FoxNews

Dude, these stories KILL me! According to Fox News, this is what happened:

“Shane C. Golitko, 22, of Bunker Hill [Indiana]” allegedly stabbed 76 year-old Arthur L. Anderson in the neck. Anderson, a 50-year veteran of the Boy Scouts, had stopped to identify a tree to a group of boy scouts when the assailant came from behind and attacked. Apparently, Golitko had just come from home, where he assaulted his mother and the family’s two dogs, one of which died. Golitko has some charges against him for marijuana possession but is not known to use other drugs.

My total speculation, based on the little details, is that Shane C. Golitko is a psycho. To the hospital you go!

I used The Google to find out more about the victim, Arthur Ld. Anderson…it always seems like not enough data is given about victims and who they were as human beings. :( I found this photo of Arthur. He looked like a nice man.


Blinded Iranian Acid Victim Pardons Attacker

This act of grace is amazing to me:

An Iranian woman turned down a marriage proposal from a man, who consequently threw acid on her face. She is now disfigured and blind. Iranian law permits an eye-for-any-eye retribution for defendants deemed guilty by a court. The man was scheduled to be punished through acid dropped in one eye by a doctor. At the last minute, the woman pardoned the man.

I can’t figure what my decision would have been. But I recognize this woman’s decision as a true act of forgiveness.

What do you think you would have done in the woman’s place?