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Joe Paterno Died of a Broken/Guilty Heart


Former Penn State football Coach, Joe Paterno, died last Sunday, January 22, 2012. He had been undergoing treatment for lung cancer. But I think he died of a broken heart over the Sandusky sex abuse scandal. The fired coach had said he wished he had done more than just notify two university officials about a […]

Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” [Video]


[youtube] Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” is a song about “Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin, who overdosed on heroin and died in 1996.” It’s a sad but beautiful song made lovelier by Sarah  McLachlan’s voice. To be morbid, this is a nice funeral song. In fact, I bet “Angel” is played at many funerals or […]

Sandusky Victims: Summary of Allegations From Grand Jury Testimony Report


File this post under “Morbid News.” If Jerry Sandusky is found guilty by a jury of unbiased Americans, then the eight victims in the grand jury report, as well as any other victims, suffered the premature death of their innocence and childhood. In addition, according to research and statistics, sex abuse victims are more likely to suffer […]

Man Found Guilty Of Murder In Connecticut Home Invasion Case | Fox News


I have been following the Petit murder story since the crime was first reported. This gruesome tragedy reminds me of the criminals and victims depicted in Truman Capote’s nonfiction book, In Cold Blood: Two murderers who hail from underprivileged and abusive upbringings. An upstanding American family brutally slain. Capote managed to summon some sympathy from me […]

Shooting At Seal Beach: Eight Confirmed Dead, One Critically Wounded


This is a terrible story. An ex-husband walked into a beauty salon yesterday in Seal Beach, CA. He wore a bullet-proof vest and was fully armed. He shot and killed eight people, including his ex-wife, with whom he was in a bitter custody battle. Imagine what it would have been like to be a customer […]

1000 Moronic Ways to Die


I just discovered Spike TV’s “1000 Ways to Die,”a television series showing reenactments of strange but true deaths. Initially, I assumed the show would be similar to “Faces of Death,” a film that depicts explicit and violent deaths (the type of thing I liked as a teenager but these days…not so much). But “1000 Ways […]

22 Year-Old Man Fatally Stabs 50-Year Boy Scouts Veteran via @FoxNews


Dude, these stories KILL me! According to Fox News, this is what happened: “Shane C. Golitko, 22, of Bunker Hill [Indiana]” allegedly stabbed 76 year-old Arthur L. Anderson in the neck. Anderson, a 50-year veteran of the Boy Scouts, had stopped to identify a tree to a group of boy scouts when the assailant came from […]

Blinded Iranian Acid Victim Pardons Attacker


This act of grace is amazing to me: An Iranian woman turned down a marriage proposal from a man, who consequently threw acid on her face. She is now disfigured and blind. Iranian law permits an eye-for-any-eye retribution for defendants deemed guilty by a court. The man was scheduled to be punished through acid dropped […]