Mentors: Important But Often Overlooked Career Strategy

Wes and Baochi

That’s Wes, who has been a mentor to me for over 10 years!

My career wouldn’t be where it is today without help from my mentors. During my 15 years in marketing, I’ve sought guidance from a number of trusted advisors who gave me sage advice on everything from job offers, sticky work situations, and stock options. My mentors were especially valuable when I started my digital marketing consulting business in January 2013 — in fact, a handful of them were my first clients.

My #1 tip for people who are building their careers: form relationships with mentors. My sense is that mentorships are often an overlooked item in people’s career toolkits. Perhaps this is because people, especially inexperienced professionals, don’t really know how to find, approach, and manage mentor relationships. If this is you, take a look at my article on Simply Hired’s blog, which outlines several key tips for forging bonds with mentors.

Read the article here.

For those of you already taking advantage of mentor relationships: any additional advice for the uninitiated? How has a mentor helped transform your career?

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