Seth Godin Wants to Know: Are You Competent And/Or Other?


Photo Courtesy of Seth Godin

I love Seth Godin. He is a combination of inspirational, provocative, and brilliant. I just found the quote below from his blog post on October 11, 2011. And despite my tendency to be hard on myself, in this case, I immediately responded to myself:

“I’m not just competent! I’m also passionate, somewhat obsessed, provocative, impatient, hungry, adoring, inspired, and yeah dannit I’m inspired! Rock on, sistah!”

Read below and reply with your answer:

Which are you?

“…competent, inspiring, passionate, obsessed, provocative, impatient, hungry, driven, adoring, inspired, an artist, a genius, someone who cares…?

With all these remarkable, powerful, important options available to each of us, why do so many of us default to competent?”

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