11 Facebook Tips To Beef Up Your Personal Klout Score


If you are a professional, it’s imperative that you put effort into your personal branding. To get noticed and have credibility in this digital era, you must have an online footprint through channels such as a personal blog, media outlets, and of course social networks. By expanding your digital footprint across the Internet and eliciting audience engagement, you can drive up your Klout score, the industry standard for online influence.

Today, we’re focusing on how to increase your personal Klout score through Facebook engagement, as denoted by shares, comments, likes, and tags. Here are Facebook tips to beef up your Klout score:

1. Set most or all of your posts to public.

  • If engagement is the goal, then maximize your audience by making your posts public. This allows anybody who is logged into Facebook to view and engage with your posts.
  • Despite privacy settings and lists, nothing on Facebook is private. Any hacker or government can access your information. So my perspective is that everything I post on Facebook, even filtered posts viewable only by my family and close friends, is accessible by the public. At a minimum, if you’re concerned about your online reputation and professional image, you should only share updates that are in good taste. Avoid making offensive and incendiary statements. Obvious stuff, right?

2. Post frequently. If possible, post about once per day, including weekends. I’ve observed my own Klout score decreasing whenever I neglect to post daily to Facebook. Conversely, when I post daily, my Klout score remains steady or increases.

3. Grow your friends and followers. Friends are folks with whom you mutually connect and accept as friends. Followers are those who follow your public updates or send you a friend request that you do not accept. Influential friends (bloggers or individuals with a large number of engaged friends/followers) drive up your Klout score.

4. Share great content and include tags. 

  • Content can be your own articles, shared articles from friends and Pages, news articles, photos, videos, etc. People tend to engage with posts they find valuable, interesting, funny, relatable, controversial…you get the idea.
  • When you tag people or Pages, your post appears in your own newsfeed and the tagged person’s news feed or Page. You can tag others through the following:
    • Text posts
    • Shares
    • Photos
    • Check-ins

5. Encourage people to tag you in their posts when relevant. This is equivalent to being mentioned on Twitter. The more often people tag you, the better. Whenever you are tagged by someone, that person’s network and your own network can see and engage with the post.

6. Ask questions.

Questions encourage people to answer.  Ask for recommendations, tips, and opinions. People love to help, share experiences, and opine. It’s human goodness!

7. Be funny or goofy.

Humor is contagious, so if you have a funny comment, question, photo, video, etc., post it! Don’t be afraid to show your goofy side!

8. Get personal.

  • Be human, have emotions, share personal news, get laughs on an embarrassing moment. This makes you more approachable and relatable to your friends and followers. Don’t be shy about posting a selfie or photo of yourself.
  • Be sure to share personal information judiciously. Avoid rants and too-negative posts (unless it’s something widely-relatable, e.g., “Boo! My Internet is broken!” Don’t broadcast travel plans. If you share any personal accomplishments or milestones, be mindful of your tone as to not come across as too self-congratulatory or arrogant.

9. Engage with others. Remember, humans are about reciprocity. So unless you are a major celebrity, you’re not going to get engagement unless you give engagement. This means liking, commenting, and sharing others’ content. This increases the likelihood that folks will reciprocate by doing the same with your posts.

Facebook Check In10. Check in to various locations on the Facebook mobile app, e.g., restaurants, conferences, companies, etc. Be sure to upload a photo of your check-in as this makes your check-in more interesting.

11. Pay for promoted posts ($6.99).

  • This makes your promoted post sticky, keeping it at the top of your network’s news feed and thus increasing eyeballs and engagement.
  • Typically, I pay for posts that are directly connected to me professionally. For instance, I promote posts about my clients and my published articles. Promoted FB post

Keep in mind that some engagement types weigh more heavily than others. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Shares: when people share your posts to their own networks. This represents the highest form of engagement.
  • Comments: when people comment on your posts. This is second best next to shares.
  • Likes: when people like your posts. This engagement is the third best.


  1. Virginia Jamieson says:

    Awesome post Baochi. Lots of great tips in here that I don’t (ahem) follow ;)

  2. Don says:

    You mentioned “Klout score” in this article. Is that a measured statistic or just something arbitrary ? Sorry if that’s a dumb question………………. :)

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