Handling a Corporate Communications Crisis via Social Media [Presentation]


The presentation above is one I’ve delivered on behalf of Boingo Wireless at a few conferences, including GSMI’s Social Media Strategies Summits. The slides describe a corporate communications crisis we encountered back in April 2010 and how we managed the crisis over social media channels, where we first learned of the problem.

Top eleven takeaways for dealing with a corporate communications crisis:

  1. Be quick – don’t wait too long to respond to customers
  2. Acknowledge the problem or mistake
  3. Apologize multiple times if necessary
  4. Be responsive — answer all questions
  5. Remain contrite and positive — don’t react negatively, even if a customer verbally attacks you
  6. Issue updates throughout the crisis
  7. Be authentic – no corporate speak
  8. Be honest – do not lie about what happened
  9. Maximize number of communications channels
  10. Dispel rumors or inaccurate customer statements
  11. Do not delete customer/community comments (unless the comments include expletives and other offensive language)
Have you had to deal with a corporate communications crisis? How did you handle it? If you’ve experienced a corporate communications crisis as a customer, what’s your assessment on how the company managed it?

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