Latest And Greatest Social Media Stats 2011


Every day, I read studies on social media statistics and keep track of the ones I find most significant. Then every few months, I compile a summary of the latest numbers. I call it my “regular reports report.” Below is my December 2011 regular reports report. If you get distracted by the images on which the statistics are written, I’m flattered.

Source: PEW survey November 2011 via Next Web

Source: JESS3 via HuffingtonPost November 2011

Source: Source: University of Milan November 2011 via New York Times

Source: SocialCode November 2011 via Ad Age

Source: comScore November 2011 via Mashable

A. Source: BrightEdge November 2011 via TechCrunch
B. Source: Flowtown and Column Five November 2011 via PR News

Source: comScore via Social Media Examiner

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