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For the Kids: 10 Holiday Tech Toys Under $50

In today’s news of the obvious: kids love techie tech stuff. I bet most kids are hoping for gadgets like game consoles and iPods — pretty pricey, especially with today’s tightened budgets. My challenge, perhaps like yours, is finding exciting Christmas gifts for six nephews and nieces without breaking the bank. So I did a little research and found ten kiddie tech toys, each under $50. I have not yet purchased and experienced the toys, but I think they’re pretty cool and I’m considering them for the kids (and/or adults) in my life. If you happen to have an opinion and/or more information about any of the products below, please add your comment!

1. Scrabble Flash Cubes ($9.95): Scrabble is a board game classic but this digitized version is a great portable option. The set comes with five cubes that keep track of words and points electronically. For ages eight and up.

Image From Amazon

2. The Digi-Piggy digital coin counting bank ($14.95): This is a great little contraption for introducing kids to the habit of saving money. A little electronic screen on the pig’s snout displays the total amount of money in the bank. Every time coins are added, the screen updates. Comes in pink and white, requires AA batteries. Buy directly from the Digi-Piggy site or through Amazon. For ages three and up. Continue reading


Disney’s McQueen and Mater Cars Talk It Up

My dear friend Molly showed her four-year old son The Baochi and Camaro Tour videos and so he associates me as the lady with the “awesome convertible car.” Since that beautiful Camaro is no longer in my possession, I was a bit nervous that Molly’s little guy would find me a big disappointment at our first meeting yesterday. So I took the easy way out and brought toys for the four-year old and his younger brother, aged two. Fittingly, I bought cars.

Before my meeting with Molly’s boys at the beach, I stopped by Aahs!! and scored Disney’s Lightning McQueen and Mater in plush forms — and these guys can talk up a storm! Kiddies just have to press the area on the cars’ hoods to activate the chatter, which features up to ten words and phrases. Even the mouths at the hoods move. The boys loved the cars! They identified the “Cars 2” characters by name, smiled upon hearing the familiar exclamations, pushed the cars along the sand, and threw them in the air. Success with the kiddies! Mission accomplished.

Now here’s the dealio: as of the time of this writing, do not purchase these cars at Aahs!!, where I paid $25 for each toy. I searched around and found plush McQueen and Mater on sale at Amazon ($18.65 for McQueen) and Toys R Us ($17.99 for McQueen). Normally, I’d be really annoyed that I failed to find the best bargain but in this case, I’m okay because Aahs!! was nearby and convenient — especially given that an online order would not have arrived in time. But if you have time and/or don’t live near an Aahs!!, then definitely get the better deal on Amazon and Toys R Us.

And with that, I’ll close with this profound quote from the one and only Lightning McQueen: “Oh, I love being me.”