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Good Times With The Kids: Winter and Spring 2012 [Video]


For the Kids: 10 Holiday Tech Toys Under $50


In today’s news of the obvious: kids love techie tech stuff. I bet most kids are hoping for gadgets like game consoles and iPods — pretty pricey, especially with today’s tightened budgets. My challenge, perhaps like yours, is finding exciting Christmas gifts for six nephews and nieces without breaking the bank. So I did a […]

Finally! I Bonded With an Angel


I have four nephews and two nieces, and they mean the world to me. I have special moments with all of them. This past weekend, I developed an especially memorable bond with my two year-old nephew, Angel. His mommy (my amazing sister-in-law, Rosie) was convalescing in the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby […]

Disney’s McQueen and Mater Cars Talk It Up


My dear friend Molly showed her four-year old son The Baochi and Camaro Tour videos and so he associates me as the lady with the “awesome convertible car.” Since that beautiful Camaro is no longer in my possession, I was a bit nervous that Molly’s little guy would find me a big disappointment at our […]

Egozoo App is a Hit With the Kiddies


I found this cool Apple iOS (3.0 or later)  app called Egozoo, which allows you to record messages in a cute voice through a cute animal for a cute animation that will delight the kiddies in your life. The app offers fifteen different cartoons with animals whose mouths move in accordance with your recording. You can […]