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11 Social Media Yodas Define Community Management “Passion”

Community manager roles are on the rise, as an increasing number of businesses enter the social media party. Brands want superstar representatives, and plenty of industry experts have provided guidance on top traits to look for during the hiring process. Marcy Massura of Weber Shandwick gave a talk at SMSS Boston on characteristics of successful community managers; Social Axcess contributor, Maggie Grainger, outlines the “7 Habits of Great Community Managers;” and Mashable contributor Erin Bury identifies “5 Qualities of Highly Effective Community Managers.” So what’s the number one community management quality that industry experts most emphasize? Passion.

Passion is something that most of us understand at a visceral level. But practically speaking, what does passion look like and how does passion manifest in the community management role? I reached out to eleven social media Yodas for their definitions of community management “passion.” Below are their wise words. Continue reading