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The Future of Social CRM and How to Get There Today [Presentation]


Social media customer service has long been an important part of my work as a social strategist. My conviction is that most businesses should provide customer care over social media whenever the need arises for customers. 

Optx Fine Eyewear: Frames With Flair, Care, and Wayne


This is a story about my experience with excellent, personalized customer care and how it’s made all the difference in retaining me as a loyal customer forever after. The handsome guy in the above photo is Wayne Fletcher. Wayne owns Optx Fine Eyewear in Encino, a classy shop with high-end, stylish eyewear from brands like Chanel, Oliver Peoples, […]

AT&T Sends Personalized Thank You Note


UPDATE: a few friends who are AT&T customers have informed me that they, too, received thank you notes. So much for the social media hypothesis… ———————————- A few weeks ago, I was so frustrated with yet another AT&T outage that I took to Twitter to express my displeasure. I referenced @ATT in my tweet but […]

The Crew Lounge Interviews the Baochi


The Crew Lounge Podcast: Tweet Like a Flight Attendant – Click to Listen! One of the many reasons I love my social media job is the opportunity to meet fabulous, interesting people. I’ve befriended folks that I would have otherwise not had the chance to meet if it weren’t for my company, Boingo Wireless, Twitter, […]