Red Corduroy Toms Shoes!


Back in this September 2011 post, I wrote about my puzzlement over the popularity of Toms shoes. My three main complaints about Toms were that 1) the classic style is ugly 2) the shoes are not comfortable and 3) the materials are not of high quality.  I was taken aback by a few unfriendly responses, which I’ve chosen not to approve due to the profane content.

It was not my intention to be a hater. I was simply stating my opinion on the shoes — not on Toms’ noble aim to outfit children in third-world countries with shoes.

Well, the big news is that while I still think the standard style of Toms shoes is ugly, I’ve been eyeing the wedge style and finally bought myself a pair! As you can see from the photos, my  new Toms shoes are pretty darn special: they’re red corduroy. Red is my favorite color, and I love the corduroy material. I’ve only been wearing these around for a few days, so I can’t comment on how well they’ll hold up to my rough ways. But the shoes seem well-made and they’re comfortable enough — no, they’re not quite as comfy as the shoes I normally buy. In fact, I don’t recommend a wear time longer than four hours. By the end of a work day, my feet didn’t feel so hot.

The Toms cord wedges also come in camel and mustard colors. Browse through the entire collection of Toms wedges, which also features velvet and animal print fabrics.


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  2. You are so stylin’ and gorgeous! :)

  3. Baochi says:

    Thanks for your photography skillz!

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