Why Are Toms Shoes So Popular?


Why Are Toms Shoes So Popular? →

**UPDATE: I purchased a pair of Toms shoes. Read this post for the deets.**

I was shopping at Whole Foods this morning and discovered that they sell Toms shoes. I have an unpopular opinion about Toms shoes: I think they are ugly. Even with the variety of colors and patterns, Toms shoes always look frumpy to me. Furthermore, I’ve tried on a few pairs and didn’t find them particularly comfortable. The material isn’t high quality, with several Amazon customers complaining the shoes fall apart within months.

The standard flat-heeled style runs for $59, which isn’t dirt cheap. Maybe I’d consider the wedge-heeled ones for $69, but I’d have to try them on first for comfort.

So why do people love Toms shoes so much? Is it really because the shoes are cute? Or is it because of the story behind the brand? I’ve heard CEO Blake Mycoskie talk about his cause of outfitting poor children in third world countries with shoes. It’s a great cause, but I’d rather just donate my money than buy a pair of ugly shoes.

Bottom line: Toms shoes not on my shopping list anytime in the near future.

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